Rabu, 09 Maret 2016

Favorite Song in March

Hello everyone !

time goes by so fast, it's march already~
how's your day?

it's been hectic for me, but at least i still could listening to a great song that boost my mood :)
thank god.
and here it is my favorite song in march :

  • Troye Sivan - Youth

  • Maudy Ayunda - Jakarta Ramai

  • Adhitia Sofyan - Loneliest Days

  • Little Mix - Love Me Like You

  • BTS - Tomorrow

  • Chen x Punch - Everytime

  • Anda - Tentang Seseorang

actually, none of this song released in march.
"tentang seseorang" even released in 2002 (it's an old-classic song) xD
but i just really into all of it since it's really match my mood.

happy listening~

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